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Paris Master Model Student ABS1 Clarinet

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Brand: Rheuben Allen®


Paris Master Model Student ABS1 Clarinet

The Clarinet is made from ABS Acoustic Plastic and has a tone quality of a wood clarinet. We wanted a clarinet that Young Musician’s can afford and will give them qualities of a professional model.

It is very important for a young musician to have a clarinet that plays great so they can concentrate on learning to play the clarinet and the music and not worry about how the instrument performs.

 These ABS clarinets have a great warm tone, excellent intonation and respond extremely well throughout all the registers of the clarinet.  The Paris Master Model Student ABS1 Clarinet comes with all the things necessary to play. (Check Clarinet Specifications)

 Why is it important for a beginning student to have a good instrument?  Well to start with they are playing their first notes and it would be good if the instruments would be in condition so they would play. The first time player needs all the help they can get… We believe many young students that start playing the clarinet give up because the instruments does not work and they think it is them.

 *All Paris Master Model Student ABS1 Clarinet are inspected, hand set up and are in excellent playing condition.

*They are played, tested and adjusted by our staff before leaving our facility.

 Material: ABS Acoustic Plastic
Finish: Silver Plated Keys & Rings
Mouthpiece: Rheuben Allen Acoustic Plastic Mouthpiece Made in USA
Mouthpiece Cap: Plastic to help prevent damage to the tip of the mouthpiece.
Mouthpiece Ligature: Standard B-Flat Clarinet Ligature design
Barrels: Barrels are reverse taper and comes with a 64mm and a 62mm for the young players that my have trouble playing up to pitch.
Case:  Wood
Cleaning Cloth: Standard Cleaning cloth

2 Year Limited Warranty serviced by Rheuben Allen's Clarinet & Sax Shop - Torrance, CA

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