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Vintage Dukoff Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece - D9 Chamber

$ 249.00

Brand: Dukoff

Size: D9

  • Mouthpieces feature construction-using custom Silverite metal for a bright, edgy tone with depth and guts for an exciting sound
  • Dukoff's Alto Saxophone mouthpieces feature construction using custom Silverite metal
  • This contributes to a bright "edgy" tone with depth and guts for an exciting sound
  • The shank of the mouthpiece has been elongated to get a better grip on the cork when tuning
  • The insert for the teeth is slightly contoured for more comfortable playing
  • The response is instantaneous and clean


The baffle and the chamber are built high and deep which gives it a sound that’s bright, clear, and concise.  It is characterized by focused projection, a huge mixture of overtones, and deep rich color.  The D chamber embodies the infamous “Dukoff” sound that really cuts through; ideal for solo playing, lead playing, or any situation where you want to be heard!

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