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Count Basie E-Flat Alto Saxophone

$ 1,495.00 $ 895.00

Brand: Rheuben Allen®

The Count Basie Alto Saxophone is an outstanding alto saxophone. It features: a lacquered main body and neck with Nickel Plated Keys for strength. It has a great response throughout the entire range of the saxophone and good intonation…

Retail: $1,495.00
Price:  $895.00
Material:  Brass
Finish:  Light Gold Lacquer Main Body & Neck, Nickel Plated Keys
Engraving:   Hand Engraving

Mouthpiece: Rheuben Allen® Acoustic Plastic Mouthpiece Made in USA
Mouthpiece Cap: Plastic to help prevent damage to the tip of the mouthpiece.
Mouthpiece Ligature: Traditional Style Alto Saxophone Ligature
Cleaning Cloth: Standard Cleaning cloth
Case: Cordura, wood inside with Back Pack & Shoulder Straps case.


Taking Care of your Saxophone:

Taking care of your new Kenny G Saxophone is very simple. Just be very careful with the saxophone. It is a quality musical instrument and all quality musical instruments require they be treated well.
*Always wipe of the saxophone before putting it in the case.
*Always take the reed off and clean both the reed and mouthpiece. This is very important for personal hygiene and health.
* Clean the inside of the saxophone at least once a week.
*Use a saxophone stand when practicing or putting the instrument down for a short while.
*Always be very careful when putting the saxophone down on anything.

LIMITED Warranty:  2 Year Limited Warranty serviced by KDI Music LLC

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the new Count Basie Saxophone and only when the original purchase is made from KDI Music. KDI Music, at its discretion, will find the best possible solution to the problem and remedy the situation in a timely manner.
To receive warranty service, please contact KDI at; explain the problem via e-mail, date of purchase from KDI, and the serial number of instrument. The Warranty requires prior authorization from us before the instrument can be returned for warranty work. Proof of purchase must be presented at the time of warranty request. 

KDI Music does not warrant against deterioration from perspiration, high humidity, extreme temperatures, oxidation or tarnish of finishes, or other external causes. KDI Music disclaims and excludes liability for damage done to finish or plating by excess polishing or pressure or use of a polishing cloth or any other product that takes the plating off. Use a soft cloth, free of chemicals for all finishes. Wipe the fingerprints off often and dry moisture off inside and outside the horn as often as possible. Keep your instrument dry and in its case when storing the instrument.
Instruments that have been altered in any way, or the identification numbers removed or changed are not eligible for warranty. KDI Music disclaims and excludes liability for any incidental or consequential damages. Warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse, negligence, accidents, lack of reasonable maintenance or failure to follow Care Instructions. Warranty does not cover loss or theft of instrument.

Warranty does not cover pads, corks, felts; normal use, normal upkeep, regulation or poor quality repair work done to the saxophone by local repairman and all problems must be reported within 5 days after discovery after receipt of instrument.